Who We Help


Parents/Guardians navigating new food allergies for their children feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start in navigating the new normal and helping caregivers who care for their children  

 Children as young as daycare and preschool aged who have food allergies who don’t understand how they can be best supported and understand their own roles in keeping safe with food allergies 

Teens and young adults who are transitioning in dating, and various social settings who need guidance in communicating their food allergy needs within groups

Daycares / Preschools

Caregivers who are unsure of how to communicate within their organizations on how to properly respond to students who are impacted by food allergies

School Boards & Systems

School educators, administrators, and paraprofessionals who don’t have a working system or understand the significance of their key roles in response to food allergies 

Churches & Community Programs

Youth leaders who need to learn the resources that are available to support food allergies 


That need to better understand how to cater to their customers with food allergy concerns

Business & Organizations

Needing to better understand how to support their team and families