Thankful to Be Included

The holidays can be a stressful time of the year for so many: Last minute items to gather from shopping lists, traffic, so much to do, but little time to complete all the many tasks. For families dealing with food allergies, there is sometimes the added stress of other members of the family clan forgetting to think of their loved ones with food allergies. It’s important to plan ahead when preparing for family holiday meals to ensure a good and safe time.

The Birth of Chop Part 1

Coming up with a name for our son was never really difficult for me.   I decided that I loved the name Carrington even before his conception, but I knew it would take some convincing of my husband who goes by the alias Truckturner (he dubbed that himself).  Omg, don’t ask!  Speaking of nicknames, it’s pretty common for members of our family to inherit nicknames that stick with them throughout their lives.  Nicknames can be inspired by anything.  Hearing the names Aunt Cookie (she loves them), Uncle Chubbo, and Cousin Boonk, certainly have warranted strange looks from outsiders throughout the years.   

So…Carrington.  My husband might not take to that one too well.  Why?  Well, because it is my family’s surname, my former name.  Where we come from, you just don’t give your kid your maiden name as their first.  Sure nicknames are ok, but dropping family names on a kid… yeah, no bueno.   I liked the idea that this baby represented connections to our family ties, commonality shared by both of us.  This was our first baby and our families were pretty excited for us. 

So, one night we were up late playing a mean game of monopoly with our family and things were getting pretty ugly.  You don’t play a clean game with this crew.   They make up these illegal rules, and then are crying “Mercy” when they start to bury themselves. My husband tried desperately to talk his sweet wife into cutting him a break whenever he landed on Broadway, property that she owns. I negotiated, “Well, how about a pass when I come through on Park Place…” Before I could finish my negotiations he screamed out, “Deal!” I abruptly cut him off…”And!!!!!! I get to choose our son’s first name.”  “Yea, yea, ok. Deal!”  I don’t know if he fully understood the terms of the conditions he had settled upon.  With a low evil chuckle, I exclaimed “Deal!”  This rookie showcased some skilled moves here.  I patted my growing bump and whispered,  “Carrington mommy is about to show them what winning looks like son.”

Me kicking butt at 3 a.m.!

After my winning feat!