About Us

Tanisha Foster

Founder – Educator

I consider myself to be a savvy, ambitious mom-preneur, and health educator. Why do I use word adjectives like these to describe myself?  You see, my first-born was diagnosed with multiple allergies (wheat, dairy, soy, egg, tree nuts, peanuts, shrimp, shellfish, and sesame) even some environmental ones before even turning a year old.   After feeling hopeless, I decided that I would be determined to give him a full life beyond the restrictions of these foods.  I dug deep.  I studied daily. I researched and put my pre-med, and health education degrees to use so that I was able to give my son all that I saw possible for him.  I still remember the feelings of euphoria at the sound of his first crunch on a quinoa potato chip that was free of all his allergens.  I started Chop Friendly in 2018 after teaching my family and those caring for my sweet boy Chop, how to offer safe allergy-friendly foods to include him.  Now, we work together to promote food allergy education, awareness, inclusion, and advocacy to families, schools, daycares, and the community.  An alumna of both Create Birmingham’s Co. Starter program, and the Grow Now business accelerator program powered by Lift Fund, I’ve received business support so that as a Food Allergy Consultant, I’m able to offer you the best of researched based education, tools and services to help you to safely navigate food allergies.  By working as a FARE constituent and advocate, I work to support legislature of food allergies, such as the FASTER Act not just on behalf of my son, but for you, and all those living with food allergies.

I look forward to getting to know you and empowering you with education and support!   I hope that our interaction is life changing and one that you won’t forget.

All the Best,

Tanisha C. Foster

Chop Friendly CEO, Health Educator

Carrington “Chop” Foster

Hi! My name is Carrington, but you can call me Chop! I love superheroes, cooking and trying new foods with my family. When I grow up, I want to be a chef and own a Pizza restaurant. My mommy teaches me how to be safe with my food allergies and makes lots of fun safe foods for me to share with my sister Journey who is my best friend. I am allergic to wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, all nuts, seafood, and sesame. Mommy makes sure that I can eat as many things as I want by using safer ingredients for me. I get to enjoy food just like everybody else and that makes me very happy.