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Hello Friends!


Hi! My name is Carrington, but you can call me Chop! I live in Birmingham, AL and I love superheroes, Legos, cooking and trying new foods with my family. When I grow up, I want to be a chef and own a Pizza restaurant. I love to travel and one day I want to visit Paris and Italy! 

My mommy teaches me how to be safe and makes lots of fun safe foods for me to share with my little sister Journey who is my best friend.  Mommy makes sure that I can eat as many things as I want by using safer ingredients for me. I get to enjoy food just like everybody else and that makes me happy.


I’m Journey and I love to dance and make art. Playing with toys always make me happy.  When I grow up, I want to be a veterinarian and take care of dogs.   Going to Disney World with my brother Chop is my favorite place in the whole world.  I love my brother Chop and help mommy and daddy keep him safe.

Meet Al & Gia Friendly

The Journey with Us by Chop Friendly series teach the importance of food allergy awareness, support, and inclusion.