The Birth of Chop: Part 2

It’s Show Time!

I got to the hospital around 8:30 a.m. on a Wednesday because I felt weird.  Not in pain, just weird. There was a nagging feeling like something wasn’t quite right.  It was like I was already plugged into my mommy intuitions and they were telling me to get to the hospital.  But first, I had to have hubs stop me by McDonald’s for 1 bacon biscuit, and an orange juice (pregnancy craving).  Our doctor had just informed me the day before that I had effaced and already dilated 2 cm.  I felt fine, just exhausted.  You see, I was very adamant on closing on our very first home that we were scheduled for right after my prenatal check-up.

Anyway, I was checked out again on that Wednesday morning and realized that Baby Carrington had low levels of amniotic fluid around him.  Inducing labor was suggested as the next plan of action.  Terrified was an understatement.  “We hadn’t even packed up our apartment yet,” I said. I felt ill-prepared bringing this baby into the world with so many details still left to be finished.  Truck, as usual carried a calm demeanor, but was deep in thought regarding his family’s future. After shedding a few tears, I gathered myself together and was soon surrounded by an amazing support system:  our moms, my youngest brother, a close aunt, and cousin to cheer our sweet baby into this world.  After about 30 hours of labor that consisted of dropped heart rates, fevers, and threats of a caesarean, our healthy 7 lb 2 oz baby boy was delivered.

Choosing a New Name

My brother-in-law Ryan (known as Nuke by his brothers) and my brother Anthony (known by the whole family as Chubbo) walked in to greet their new nephew.  As nurses evaluated him from the birth trauma and cleaned him up, both brothers were discussing how the name Carrington was too formal and how he desperately needed a nickname. A cool nickname meant you would be the cool kid in school.  One of the brothers pointed out his birthmark. It was decided that the abstract mark on our new baby’s knee reminded them of what looked to be a pork chop. The new uncles walked over with the proud Papa holding his handsome baby boy who was baring the mark symbolizing his new declared name.  “We have his name sis.  Meet Chop.”

Chop a few minutes old

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