Chop Friendly Joins Courage at Congress

Chop Friendly has enthusiastically joined in as an advocate and constituent in FARE’s launch of its Courage at Congress campaign!  In our previous blog, Courage at Congress: The National Fight, we explained how the Food Allergy Safety, Treatment, Education, and Research (FASTER-H.R. 2117) Act was proposed by Doris Matsui, California’s state representative, to benefit and lessen the burden for those living with food allergies.   For this bill to be passed, it is important to have as many members of Congress to co-sponsor it.  FARE’s goal is to gain congressional support by holding at least 100 meetings with its members by February 2020.

Recently, Chop Friendly’s CEO founder and health educator Tanisha Foster, along with Chop Friendly Ambassadors, decided to lend their voices and be courageous in the fight for this campaign. Specific requests were made for a face-to-face meeting in the office of Alabama state Congresswoman Terri Sewell and with success.  Although Congresswoman Sewell was held in sessions during the time of meetings, members of her staff agreed to meet and speak on her behalf.  They were very attentive as we addressed the issues of food allergies, its plague within the community, and the overburden effects it has on the healthcare system.  Staff members shared Congresswoman Sewell’s platform and support on reform of policies regarding health issues that affect our communities. Furthermore, they discussed her passions for supporting the advancements for research needed for growing healthcare epidemics. Considering her and her team’s enthusiasm for change in health care policies, we feel positive that Congresswoman Sewell will stand strong with us and work with grit to make this bill a reality.

Join in with us in the fight! We are challenging and encouraging communities everywhere to rise in courage and join in on the Courage at Congress campaign.  If you are looking for ways that you can support, the easiest way to get involved is to sign up directly on FARE’s website at the link, Courage at Congress Campaign Signup .

When you sign up, you can either choose to:

  • attend a meeting with your state legislature representative


  • coordinate a meeting. 

You will then receive step-by-step email instructions on how to strategically support this campaign.

 If you do not have the time to attend or coordinate a meeting, then we suggest writing a letter or sending an email to the office of your district representative and ask them to cosponsor the FASTER Act (H.R. 2117). Easy steps to locating your legislator and including information in your letter/email are below:

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